#fridayintroductions | Julia


To give our couples, current and prospective, a better idea of who we are, what makes us tick, our likes and dislikes, why we’re in this industry etc., we’re going to feature a SHE team member every other Friday here on the blog.  And what better way to welcome Julia to the team than have our #fridayintroductions start off with her!  For her bio and professional background, click here.  To find out her favorite color, cat lover or dog (or both!), etc., keep reading!

What brought you to wedding planning/How did you begin? My first job out of college was executing all events at the country club then I moved into their event planning and sales role where I fell in love with weddings
What is your favorite part about the planning process? I love the relationship I build with the bride and groom and seeing their excitement and love for each other. 
What is your favorite part about the wedding day? The First Look. The moments leading up to when the bride and groom see each other for the first time, and the way the groom always looks at his bride melts me!  
Where do you gather inspiration? In everyday, as general as that sounds, in fashion, architecture, photos and travel
What advice can you give to couples planning their wedding? Breathe!  Remember, it takes time to accomplish all of the details. And remember to enjoy the process! 
Favorite color? Green
Favorite food? Mexican- guacamole, tacos….I love it all 
Favorite cocktail? Vodka, Soda with extra lime 
Favorite sport…team? My college team 😉 USC Gamecocks! 
Dog or cat? Dogs all the way.
Guilty pleasure? Chocolate, and who am I kidding desserts in general, I have a problem!